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Brown Gun Bag

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100% Oilskin Waxed Cotton
Polyester Fur Lining


Oilskin New Zealand made gun bag with a fur lining in brown oilskin wax; a tough, durable material synonymous with performance and quality. Features include zip pocket on outside of bag, super-soft fur liner, fits up to 53″ rifle. The perfect blend of rugged functionality and style, keeping your gun protected and comfortable when you’re out there facing the elements.


  • Fur lined
  • Front zip pocket
  • Fits up to 53″ rifle
  • New Zealand Made


Oilskin is a waterproof fabric that has been in use since the 1700’s, historically worn and developed by sailors. Originally methods included coating fabric in treatments like linseed oil, tar, whale oil or paint to achieve a higher waterproof and durability factor.

Today’s Oilskin is engineered to keep the wearer dry in rain and yet still be strong and breathable at the same time. Produced from 100% cotton that goes through a wax treatment process, modern oilskin is not only high performance for wet weather & cold, but also sought after for stylish casual clothing.

View the Styx Mill Oilskin Wax Reproof; designed to maintain the water resistant properties of your Oilskin Wax vest.

We manufacture in Christchurch, New Zealand. Read more about New Zealand.



For a spot clean, wipe down outer oilskin with damp cloth. For a full wash, hand wash in cold water and hang to dry in a cool dry place. Use Styx Mill Oilskin Replenisher to reproof your garment. Hot water or washing chemicals is not recommended as it will strip the oilskin of its proofing properties.


100% Oilskin Waxed Cotton

Polyester Fur Lining